The Wagon 097

When I was young, during my elementary school days, I wasn't an excellent student. Despite the fact that I had this small stature, younger than some of my mates, not able to converse in a simple constructive English language, not neat enough to be recommended as a student, but all these did not connote that I was the worst student in class.

I was an average student that was trying to maintain his stand in between or slightly below the middle of the rank of excellence. I was not one the students that always look forward for a gift at the end-of-the-year party ceremony, which sometimes I won't feel like paying for the party except whenever I was giving a role to play, either in the drama group or cultural dance. That's when I did feel responsible.

Throughout my primary school days, I couldn't find my muse as a prospective student, not until when I got to secondary school. I decided to change my status as a student, to change my ways and reschedule my plans as a good stu…


The truth is - sometimes love changes 💔. The truth is sometimes life gets hard and "I'll stay" turns into " I have to take care of myself right now" 😥 . Sometimes, those who love us beautifully,cannot continue to do so. And that's okay.

You have to understand that there are certain things in life you truly have to let go of. There are certain things in life you cannot control and the heart of another person is one of them. Either someone chooses you ,or they do not.

Either someone decides to fight, or they do not. At the end of the day, you have to respect that.   But you do not have to let it consume you. See,you may not be able to control the person you loved,but you can control yourself. You can control the way you unapologetically dedicate yourself to loving who you are and what you have to offer.

You can control the way you move forward,the way you choose to believe that you are worthy of all the love you have continuously put out into the World. Yo…

Gidi Girl

A saying goes thus "you can't hide how you feel for long"
Here i was thinking it was all fantasy.
Thinking this feeling is based some fiction
Wishing the world could get over the bitter truth

Like a stranger without a destination
You came into my life
Giving me only positive vibes
Making me feel like I've been living in a fantasy world

Felt what it feels for someone to mean alot
Felt what it really means to care for someone
Above all,
Felt what it means to love

Like a slippery slope
I fell for your affections
I became an emblem of love
A definition of drunk in love

Above all,
Your love gives me energy
Your smile the motivation behind my inspiration
Your touch sends a wave down my spine,
Reminding me i have someone worth dying for.

My Gidi Girl

Devil In Disguise

Mom said "beware of guys,majority are evil"
Yet i turned a deaf hear
Till reality dawned upon my soul
Fell in love with a Devil in disguise
Betraying my affections for a low life being

TIMI !!!
I voiced out with anger
Why?? I asked
I thought you were my all in all

No more feelings
No more affections
Men are evil
So i thought

Till an angel sent from above
Set me loose from my own chains

 not until I found out that the guy I was willing to die for was having an affair; Never thought Timi could stoop so low to cheating on me with my maid.
Love; that magical feeling that is irresistible. He was my all, so I thought I was his "better half",  not knowing I was only being played.
Then I made up my mind to lock up my feelings without knowing an angel was on his way to mend my broken heart.

Thank You All

At 12am on dot, I received my mama's  messages, it wasn't a surprise because that has been constant over the years. Her messages were simple but prophetic, loaded with prayer ammunition to fill my arsenal... she showered her blessings and the day became more brighter, and I wondered how the future would be, if 350 character prayer can brighten a day, I wonder how you might have designed my future with your angelic prayers.... I love you maama.

I savoured every moment that people used to talk about me on all their platform today, I wished I could stopped the time like the days of Joshua, and continue to enjoy every moment of it. Although I didn't enjoy the beatings that I endured from my friends that made me weak.

I was full of joy but I wasn't overwhelmed with it because I observed pragmatic part of people's comments of which I can use to add values to my life. Which means; I wasn't appreciated alone but I was also thought a life lesson.

I don't have to go…

The Wagon 095

Why didn't you wait a day more just for you be born on Valentine's Day?

There's alot of sarcastic questions that was asked of me...

Whatever a day means to the World, Feb 13 means more to me. Infant some believe that wasn't my real date of birth because their belief Says my date started since the day I was conceived.

No matter people's beliefs, Feb 13 is still my reference date of birth. You might even say I'm not healthy due to the virtue of my month, may be that's why February born are so special. To clear your doubt, check through February Born, you will always have something special to point out of their life.

I was born many years ago when they couldn't take my picture with smartphones and didn't have chance to filter it with snapchat. I was born raw and natural. At the point of my birth, even though my mother was laughing while I was crying just because I was the the epitome of love, not because of the month of love or a day proclaimed Valent…

The Wagon 094

I have never bought an Iphone before, apart from my current financial status that says I can't afford it, I have never thought of buy it because of my mathematical orientation and set of mind, whenever I see the price tag, I can think of a million things I could do with the money instead.

Some believe that buying an iPhone means you belong to certain rich people class or declaration of your wealth and funniest thing about it is that, sometimes it could be a proclamation of being a Trojan horse in this particular rich people class.

I have millions of things in my scale of preference that I could to do to add values to my life. My preferences might be meaningless to you as iPhone is of no use to me.

I don't hate iPhone because I don't have the money... But the way that people usually treat it as if it's the most expensive Toy that a child could ever got to intimidate his fellow kids is fucking childish.

I don't want to start to make the distinction between iPhone an…